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Examples of Our Services

» Mining - West Coast Coalfields

» Irrigation - Over 50 Clients

» Hydroelectric - Local Power Generation

» Aquaculture - Local Marine Farming


In 1996 we began monitoring work for the Pike River Coal Company near Greymouth.

In 2003, we were awarded the contract for monitoring flow and water quality related conditions for the mining operation. A telemetered network of flow, rainfall and water quality monitoring sites was established at strategic sites in the Pike Catchment.

Initially the data from these sites was relayed back to our Mapua office, but later data was linked to the company’s environmental office.

Recently, in 2010, we were awarded a contract by Bathurst Resources Ltd to carry out base line monitoring for a proposed open cast mine near Westport. This has involved the establishment of flow, rainfall and water quality monitoring stations, some of which will be telemetered for ongoing monitoring of environmental conditions once the mine is operational.

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We have over 50 current clients for whom we have provided service. These have invariably begin with the resource consent application process to abstract and use water.

Resource Consents often have attached conditions that require ongoing monitoring; consent holders often retain our services to ensure compliance with consent conditions. Typically these conditions require stream flow and ground water monitoring for the duration of the consent.

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Over the past 20 years we have assisted with a host of small hydro investigations, again with ongoing monitoring of flows in some instances.

We have recently been engaged by a local power company to provide flow information for a fairly major hydroelectric generation proposal in the region.

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For the last 20 years we have been providing services to New Zealand King Salmon Limited. This has centred around their hatchery operation at Takaka, where we have been responsible for continuous flow monitoring and reporting of their water takes.

Most recently we have been awarded a monitoring contract for the Marlborough Shellfish Quality Program. This has meant establishing a network of raingauges and other monitoring equipment to enable the company to manage its harvesting program.

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